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Resource Management, Inc. is an Alliance Partner with Carolina Infotech. We are proud to offer the 3CX Products and Devices along with Professional Information Technology Services and Consulting provided by Carolina Infotech. Call us anytime with questions or to place an order.


Standards Based SIP Softphone Allows iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Users to Make Calls via Wifi and 3G

3CXPhone for iPhone works with standards based VoIP/SIP servers including 3CX Phone System, Asterisk and other popular VoIP/SIP providers.

Whats the difference between 3CXPhone for iPhone and other free SIP phones for iPhones that are available on the market today? 3CXPhone for iPhone is not locked into a particular provider or PBX. You are given the freedom of selection, meaning that you can pick and choose your favorite provider or VoIP PBX, switch at any time or use different VoIP providers simultaneously.


Free of Charge

3CXPhone for iPhone is available free of charge for commercial and nonprofit organizations as well as private users. iPhones are perfected endpoints for VoIP PBXs when out of the office, by using 3CXPhone for iPhone users can take calls to their extension via Wifi or 3G. When in the office, 3CXPhone for iPhone turns the iPhone into a convenient and user-friendly wireless desk phone.


Features include:

  • Fully supports the industry leading SIP standard
  • G711 and GSM codec support
  • Ability to transfer (blind transfer) and place calls on hold
  • Internal and external server configuration in one profile
  • Record and playback phone calls
  • Profile Names, Caller ID, Proxy Server, STUN and NAT support
  • Auto provisioning SIP PBXs or VoIP providers can automatically provision the 3CXPhone for iPhone app via multicast
  • iOS 4.x (iPhone 3, 3Gs and 4, iTouch 3 & 4)

  • The 3CXPhone client for iPhone can be downloaded HERE

  • 3CX Phone System v11 users can download 
    3CXPhone for iPhone HERE

  • Click HERE to get started with 3CXPhone for iPhone

3CX Phone System users and partners can get support via their support portal account. 

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