Free Demo of FACES 4.0 Facial Composite Software


Law enforcement officers may try a free limited demo of FACES 4.0. This limited demo contains under 100 facial features and will allow you to test the basic functions in FACES 4.0 award-winning software. IQ Biometric's FACES 4.0 software has an improved interface which makes it easy for any police officer to create accurate composites with a click of a mouse. No forensic artist skills or experience are required. With FACES, composites can be created more quickly and inexpensively and used to solve crimes when a professional sketch artist isn’t available.

In addition, our research shows that law enforcement officers believe FACES is the easiest software to use and creates the most accurate facial composites. We've also made some key improvements to the FACES interface. For example, with FACES 4.0 you can just click on the composite image to select and change nose, eyes, mouth, etc. The portrait area is bigger and the features palate is better organized for faster review and selection of components. Improved positioning tools, including zoom, let you fine tune features and improve the accuracy of your composite.


Can YOU identify this person?

This composite was created solely by the features in FACES 4.0

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Facial ID Codes
exclusive feature of FACES is that it automatically generates a Biometric Alphanumeric Code (BAC) for every facial composite you develop. The 56-digit in the BAC code represent the specific facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, etc) in the FACES image. This digital “fingerprint” can be transmitted between police agencies in any format (phone, fax, email) and used to recreate an FACES image in exact detail. BAC code transmission – less than 1KB - is ideal for wireless transmission between police cars and stations.


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